I'm Sorry Mr. Salesman, It's A MouthBreather Concert with special guests Soulkeeper, Deathtax and Molech

The Muse On Main, 1332 MAIN STREET, FORT WAYNE

MouthBreather (Mass.) - Short frenzied bursts of grindcore greatness. Supporting their latest album "I'm sorry Mr. Salesman."

Soulkeeper (Minn.) Elements of grindcore, tech, industrial and slam, all in a nice neat package!

Deathtax (260 Local Formerly known as The Louisiana Lot Lizards) - Slamcore, metalcore, apple core. Who cares what it's called, it's effing Deathtax.

Molech (260 Local) - Next generation noise merchants. Young, enthusiastic but more importantly, LOUD!

Gallery/Soda Bar at 7.00

Show at 8.00


All ages

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